Mercury Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner – Concentrate – 2.5L

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MERCURY Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner Concentrate is an alkaline based powerful wheel cleaner designed to break down dirt and brake dust on alloy, lacquered wheels and wheel trims.

Also Available in 500ml Ready To USE.

DILUTE WITH WATER. 1:3 parts water for heavy soiling. Dilute 1:5 parts water for medium soiling. Dilute 1:10 parts water for light soiling. Rinse the wheel to be cleaned to remove any loose dirt and to cool the wheel surface. Spray directly onto the surface and allow to dwell for approximately 1 -2 minutes or agitate with a brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, ideally with a pressure washer. DO NOT USE ON POLISHED METALS, UNLAQUERED WHEELS, CHROME PLATED, POWDER COATED, Magnesium Alloy or Anodised wheels as THIS WILL DAMAGE THE SURFACE. Always test on a small area prior to use.

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