Jupiter Quick Detailing Spray

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JUPITER Quick Detailing Spray is an innovative detailing solution that cleans and shines all exterior vehicle surfaces in one application.

Our formulation releases and lifts dirt, ensuring surfaces are deep-cleaned and polished. Ideal for cleaning all paintwork, plastic trim, metal work etc. its fast and easy to use simply spray, wipe and buff to shine.

JUPITER Nano wax technology creates a superb showroom, just waxed finish, enjoy a mirror-gloss finish with added UV protection that repels water & dirt build-up for easy repeat cleaning and has a fantastic CHERRY SCENT.


READY TO USE: Shake the bottle well. Spray onto the surface to be cleaned. Gently wipe in straight lines using a clean microfibre cloth. Use another clean microfibre cloth after a few passes to buff off to reveal a deep gloss shine. Repeat the process until the entire vehicle has been cleaned. Can be used in the sun but for best results apply in the shade away from direct sunlight. Can be used on a wet or dry surface. Do not use on heavily soiled surfaces

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